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Commissions are OPEN ! YAY !



- when you contact me, even for info, please precise the type of commission you want ( bust, full character, color or no color ) and add one or several images of the character you want.
- DO NOT contact me for commission in the comments of this journal or deviations, it's confusing and I might forget to answer. Please send me a note or an email ( j.friedrich.3d[at] ).
- most of the characters you see in my gallery are not for sale, they belong to my clients. You can find the characters for sale listed below.


CONTENT POLICIES, please read :

Some time ago we had a problem with Shapeways, they suddenly refused to print private adult content. So from now on, if you want an adult print, you'll have to find a private company to print it. Please make sure that someone will accept to print it before commissioning me, I am not responsible for that. Other big companies like Sculpteo also refuse to print this stuff.

What is considered adult content ?

- non-artistic nudity
- overly provocative characters
- any sexual content
- dildos and stuff like that

You can print sexy stuff with no problem, as far as the character doesn't show bare tits or genitals. Send me a pic of the character if you have a doubt.

-------------------------------- PRICES -----------------------------------

Full character :

No color ( mostly for plastic prints ) :

- small : 180 euros
- big ( hollow* ) : 200 euros

Full color ( for sandstone and beta full color plastic ) :

- small : 250 euros
- big ( hollow* ) : 300 euros

Busts :

( Busts include the head and torso down to the waist. If you want more I may increase the price. Simple bases and pedestals are free )

No color :

- small : 40 euros
- big ( hollow* ) : 50 euros

Full color :

- small : 80 euros
- big ( hollow* ) : 100 euros

Delivery of a printable character includes the 3D printable files.

*Hollowing is a process which permits to "empty" the print like an egg shell, in order to reduce the material volume and the printing price. Models need to be hollowed out depending on their size and shape. Hollow models need at least one "escape hole" to remove the powder inside after printing, so take that into consideration. Sometimes holes can be placed under the character, or the character might be printed in several parts ( like body and tails, or the upper body and legs ) and the holes will be placed inbetween. If that's not possible, a little cap can be printed to plug into the hole after printing.

The difference between "big" and "small" prints is not the actual size of the print, but if it requires hollowing or not. You can perfectly print a 20cm character without hollowing it, it will just use more material and cost more. Characters with a lot of volume ( like hyperbusty girls or furries with big tails ) need to be hollow to avoid the price skyrocketing. 

Prices may vary depending on the amount of details, accessories, etc. The design of your character may have to be modified to fit the printing requirements. All characters are made between 2-6 days. A printability check is made on the printing site you choose before payment. Color prints must be done in fullcolor sandstone, unless you have access to the fullcolor plastic beta test from Shapeways.

Prices do NOT include the printing service and Paypal's fees.

Non-printable characters :

If you only want a simple 3D character, with colors, renders, a pedestal, and a 360° video turntable :

- bust : 50 euros
- full character, T-pose or A-pose : 100 euros
- full character, posed : 150 euros

Delivery of non-printable characters doesn't include 3D files, only renders and a video.


Characters to buy :

Sexy Slave Syx from Manaworld :…

Cute Chloe from Jollyjack :…

Lana Love, Space pinup :…

Jenny Poussin :…

Marie the Maid from Bloomin' Faeries :…

Veronika Red from Manaworld :…


Rules :

- no underage characters presented in a sexual way
- no rape, violence, torture, gore ( unless it's theme-based like tentacles, undeads, vampires, etc )
- no copyrighted characters. If it's not your OC you need the permission from the IP owner/creator. Please read this about fan arts and copyrights :
Fan Art
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

Fan Art and Fan Fiction are amazing ways to partic

Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

Copyright laws are a set of defined rights given

- you are not allowed to sell or distribute the files nor the prints.
- If you plan on using my work in a commercial project, please tell me first. 
- I will use your commission for self-promotion unless you specify otherwise.
- you are not allowed to show my work as your own even if it's your character. Please always add my name and website somewhere when you post my work.


Commissions Queue :

- Jollyjack ( done )
- Kurt ( done )
- Jenny Poussin ( done )
- Joshua ( ??? )
- Kraz-K ( done )
- RitzBeretta ( done)
- Blitza ( done )
- TDnA ( done )
- arvalis, bust, color, hollow ( done )
- platinumwaves, full character, color ( done )
- charvale ( done )
- Blitza ( done )
- Loïck ( done )
- Scratch ( in progress )
- platinumwaves ( done )
- Jayceeknight ( done )
- secret client ( done )
- Gemi ( ??? )
- Blitza ( done )
- Drexas ( ??? )
- Fantasy Flight Publishing ( done )
- vhbb86 ( done )
- platinumwaves ( in progress )
- Blitza ( done )
- Matt ( in progress )
- Kraz-K
- Blitza

*people with ( ??? ) near their name never confirmed or stopped answering, please contact me if it's your case.



Patreon doesn't work as I expected ( I can't just have a project and wait for it to be funded, it works on a monthly basis ), I deleted the project for now.


Syx and Red figurines by Texelion
Syx and Red figurines
Our new Veronika Red figurine is designed to form a diorama with Syx. here are the related sizes :

Syx 12cm goes with Red 14.7cm
Syx 15cm goes with Red 18.4cm
Syx 18cm goes with Red 22cm
Syx 32mm goes with Red 36mm

Be sure to order the right sizes if you want to make a diorama. Some props will be available soon.…

A standalone version of Red will come in the future, but first we're gonna do Kandi ^^.
Captain Red on Shapeways by Texelion
Captain Red on Shapeways
Created by :iconscratchtastic: and sculpted by me, our second Manaworld figurine is now available on Shapeways !

Four sizes are available :

- in fullcolor sandstone : 14.7 cm, 18.4cm, 22cm
- in plastic for board games : 36mm…

For more info about the Syx+Red diorama and sizes, check here :…
Demi 3D Print by Texelion
Demi 3D Print
A new commission for Platinumwaves.


Check my journal for 3D print commissions !
If people who contacted me for a commission and then suddenly disappeared would kindly tell me if they are still interested or not, that would be great.
Marie the Maid 3D print by Texelion
Marie the Maid 3D print
A commission for :iconjayceeknight: of his sexy maid Marie. Soon available on Shapeways !

More on his website :

EDIT : Marie is now available on Shapeways :…

EARLY ADOPTER BONUS: if you purchase a Maid Marie figurine before New Year, Jayceeknight will send you a $35 digital coupon which can be redeemed in the Shop of his website.


Check my journal for commission info !

You can also help me create more sexy prints on Patreon :…
Hey guys, I just started a Patreon about 3D prints, and I'm looking for good artists with Original Characters who'd like to participate in this project.

The goal is to create figurines by crowdfunding the initial cost of making a printable character.

So how does it work ?

- if you're interested, send me a note with the character(s) you'd like to see as a figurine. It must be your own character, preferably one that is popular and that people love. Also it needs to be Safe for Work, or else no company will print it. Please keep it professional, People won't be interested in badly drawn characters made by novices.

- I will then submit this character amongst other to a vote, and Patrons will decide which one will next be made as a figurine.

- if the character is funded, I'll do a 3D printable version of it. You will then be able to put it on any printing company shop ( like Shapeways, Sculpteo, etc ) for everyone to print. You can sell it or put it for "free" ( with the minimal printing cost set by the company ), it's up to you.

I already found two artists willing to help in this project, Scratch from Manaworld and Melkor Mancin.

This project is based on mutual benefits : YOU get a figurine of your character for free, I still get some money for the time invested in it, and people get a figurine of a character they like, that would never be created without crowdfunding. However keep in mind that it's just a test, if people are not intersted in funding this project at all, I will cancel it. If a character is not funded I will try with the next one people voted for.

Here is the link to the Patreon page. I started yesterday so it's pretty empty ^^.

Thanks !


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